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There is happiness when moving to a new home. But before enjoying it, you need to complete homework in the form of the clean-up of the new house before you occupy to further make you comfortable and feel at home in it. Also important is to get rid of the traces of the old inhabitants, including odors, dust, cobwebs and other debris so that you really can make a new start in a new home. Everything had to be done before you put your stuff in the house.

Here are tips to move new homes that we have outlined for you:

1. Clean new home before occupied
By courtesy, residents should clean up old houses are abandoned to house more or less ready for use by the new occupants. However, the reality is not many people are doing this seriously or new residents sometimes want to achieve a better level of cleanliness. Whatever the circumstances, to do clean-up activities of new house before you put your stuff into it. By doing so, you will be free to reach all parts of the house.

2. Start cleaning from the highest

So that dust and dirt do not re-contaminate parts that have been cleaned, start with cleaning the highest, that ceiling. Continue to parts lower, including door and window frame until it fell to the floor. Use mop or duster long-stemmed to get rid of dust and cobwebs from the ceiling.

3. Prioritize the parts that will be more difficult to clean when it is occupied

Focus your attention on the area that will be rarely cleaned or more difficult to reach when the house was filled with furniture and other furnishings. These parts include the walls, trim barrier walls and ceiling, floor and wall divider trim, air vents, and attic if necessary. If a new home you have a closet or cabinet that blends with the walls, clean the inside.

4. Clean frequently touched surfaces
Most people do not want any memories left by the old inhabitants remain in the home they will occupy. The memories can be smelly and fingerprints on parts that frequently touched such as door handles, knobs toilet, faucets, switches, and so forth.

PostHeaderIcon How to Overcome the Clogged Sewers in sink

wastafelThe sink in the kitchen and in the bathroom are both potentially become dirty quickly because both are used every day. Leftover food from cookware and tableware are attached to the wall of the kitchen sink pipe eventually accumulate and cause clogged sewers. Likewise, the risk bathroom sink clogged by the hair and shave the rest of the activity. More severe impacts could be a clogged sewer overflow of dirty water in the house and the odor thereof. Cope with clogged drains is simple and can be done alone without the need to disassemble the pipe connections.

Tip: Collect the cold leftover cooking oil in a separate container or plastic bag, store in the refrigerator for a day and a night to freeze before throwing it into the trash. The sink is not the place to dispose of oil!

How to Overcome Clogged Channels
A number of commercial products and natural ingredients can help you cope with clogged drains quickly.

1. Cleaner Air Channels Made Chemicals
Range of products designed specifically to ease the drain. When poured directly into a clogged drain, cleaners working with these chemicals destroy fat deposits and dirt on the walls of the pipe that causes clogged. Abortion is also able to kill germs that cause odor. If the plug does not disappear after the first casting, repeat without the need to use a tool to poke the dirt in the pipeline.

Read and follow the rules of use on product packaging. This advice is not only well followed for your safety, but also to adapt to clogged drains. How to handle a puddle on the kitchen sink is different from how to cope with the drain water in the shower.

2. Wash Natural Waterways
With safety and environmental considerations, most people prefer natural ingredients to address water drains clogged before taking the last moments using products made from chemicals. The following method is proven:

  • Pour one cup of baking soda powder into a clogged drain. Make sure the powder reaches the clog in the pipe.
  • If only Pour two cups of boiling water and let stand for several minutes.
  • Add one cup of baking soda powder into the pipe and immediately follow with a cup of vinegar.
  • Close the sink hole. You will see and hear the rumbling sound of froth reaction of these materials. Do not panic, this is a good sign!

When the foam has disappeared, add two cups of boiling water.

Eliminating Odour Nuisance Sewers
Odor is one side effect clogged drains. In most cases, the drain becomes clogged when the rest of the food or piles of hair stuck in the middle of the journey in the pipeline. The objects are eventually mixed with other materials, rotting, became a nest of bacteria and odor releases.

Cleaning the kitchen sink and the bathroom on a regular basis is the most effective tips to keep the drain from the heap of unwanted impurities. Once a week, use kitchen ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar powder to scrape fat, food crumbs, and the smell of dirty water in the pipes.

Discipline treat sink will also keep you from the nightmare of clogged drain. The sink is not trash, so think again before throwing everything into the sink hole. Discard leftovers solid trash. For the bathroom sink, consider the use of filter mounted on the sink hole to block the hair.

PostHeaderIcon How to Cope with clogged toilets

Unblocking agents mussels

Clogged toilets is one fact of life that must be faced every household. There are many things that can make the toilet clogged. Clumps wipes or wet wipes can clog drains. Toys or clothing is also sometimes caught in it, intentionally or not.

Everyone needs to know how to fix clogged toilet. In addition, you also need to know the things that should be avoided when dealing with a clogged toilet. If you suspect a toilet at home would not flush, do not flush many times and hope the blockage disappear. This will actually cause the water to overflow and spill wetting and soiling the floor! Better to use aid as a plunger to suck things that clog the toilet. As an alternative, you can try one of the methods to overcome clogged toilet without being sucked below.

Move stuff around the toilet and put on rubber gloves before starting to fix the toilet.

WC Solutions Suck Without clogged with Natural Ingredients

Many kitchen ingredients that you can use to loosen the drain WC. The following ingredients kitchen is able to overcome the blockage due to perishable or biodegradable items such as tissue paper, but not for the dense and hard goods such as toys for children.

Practical Tips to Overcome clogged toilets without suction
There are some practical ways to cope with clogged toilet. You can use everyday cleaning products and a number of objects to launch a clogged toilet. Here’s what you need to do:

To blockage due to tissue or paper: Pour the liquid dish soap such as Sunlight into the toilet, then pour hot water. Let stand for a few minutes before watering as usual. Soap will help loosen the channel and push the blockage past the winding pipe when the toilet is flushed.
To blockage due to hard objects: Use an aid to overcome the blockage due to hard objects such as toys for children. Tools that can help, among others, long hose and a hanger made of wire. Both of these objects can be inserted into the exhaust pipe to reach objects clog. As much as possible pull hard objects that clog. Pushing it will only make things more and more out of reach. Be careful when using hanger made of wire so as not to scratch the surface of the toilet.

PostHeaderIcon Designing A Home Office

home office

Working at home has become many people’s career choice, either be freelancers or own pioneering efforts. The way it felt to be more pleasant than to be bound by the regulations of a company. Therefore, it is now a lot of people that enables their home as an office.

However, working at home is also not without its challenges. Changing the mood to work while at home is definitely not an easy thing. Moreover, if the area to work not far from the room or bed. Then, how? Of course, the situation should be handled. Able to prepare mentally and change the mindset, and specifically design the room to work.

Some of the information below can be a guide when it plans to make a home office already exists in your plan. Choose a design and the best way and create a comfortable place to work at home.
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PostHeaderIcon Creative Manage Storage Space In The Kitchen

kitchen storage
Presenting storage space in the kitchen is something that must be done, especially in the kitchen with limited area. No need to use a special cupboard for storing cooking devices and food ingredients, you can be creative to cultivate the kitchen into a multifunctional area store. Here are some ideas.

Maximizing Wall

Rework wall into a closet shelf or rack shelves is the most effective solution for creating shelf space. High wall cabinets can even be maximized up to the ceiling so that disk space becomes larger. In order not to look monotonous, combine closet with shelves for displaying accessory shelves or put the bottles seasoning.

classify objects according to function

In order to facilitate the taking of items needed during the move in the kitchen, you should classify goods according to their function in the closet. For example, a special cupboard for storing tableware such as plates, bowls and cups. Then a row of drawers for storing spoons, forks and knives. Until cupboard for storing food ingredients that have not been used. So the kitchen looks neat and organized.

Open Or Closed

There are two types of storage cabinets that you can apply in the kitchen, the cupboards open and closed. Each has advantages and disadvantages of each. Open closet will look nice if you put a pile of beautiful dishes or bottles of spices neatly. However, the drawback is that you must verify always be neat.

If you have a lot of stuff, you should select a closed cabinet so that the kitchen always looks tidy. So it looks interesting, use bright colors in the closet door linings or select material frosted glass (glass sandblast) as accents.

Take advantage of Table Island

In addition to the closet attached to the wall, you can also be the creation of a table island shelf space. Not only saving kitchen devices, racks or cabinets in a table island can also double as shoe cupboard or storage shelf magazine.

PostHeaderIcon Tips Creating Luxury impression Room

lux room

Stately home looks like a five-star hotel which is often synonymous with a spacious room and expensive furnishings. In fact, there are a variety of easy and simple way that you can do to create the impression of luxury in the room.

One of the easiest ways to make a room look of luxury is to choose colors and materials appropriately. Here are easy tips provide a luxurious look to the room.

Wall color

The choice of colors in finishing walls greatly affect the appearance and atmosphere of the room. To build the impression of luxury, choose bold colors like black, dark brown or maroon red as an accent color that coats some areas of the wall. The color density makes the walls look stand out.
Upholstery Sofa

Limit the amount of furniture used in the room that is not too large. You can put a two seater sofa, combined with a single chair or stool. So it looks looks fancy, choose a upholstery leather or velvet sofa and chair. It would be interesting if the back of the chair are accented buttons (deep buttoned). Combine a series of sofas with a coffee table made of glass with a minimalist design to reinforce the impression of elegance.


In addition to providing a sense of comfort when trampled, the carpet is an element that is able to turn the interior ambience. Select the type of thick furry carpet with minimalist motif matching the color tone furniture.


In addition to the function of regulating the quality and quantity of light coming into the room, blinds or curtains is an element that can enhance the display space. To reinforce the impression of luxury, select curtain drapes models normally used in the classic house type. Then choose satin or velvet with vitrase combination made of lace. Fabric curtain that hung down to the floor gives the impression of elegance and luxury.

Armature Lamps

You do not have to install the chandelier made of crystal (chandeliers) to provide a luxurious feel to the space. Play on the shape and color of the light armature. If you want to use a yellow light, then you should select the armature dark like black lights that glow of light creates a dramatic impression.

Wall Art

Decorate the walls with art work such as paintings, wall clocks unique design or mirror. Do not overdo put decoration for the walls do not look ‘full’. To give a different look, do not be afraid to choose gold or silver wall art. Your room certainly looks more luxurious !.

PostHeaderIcon 5 Important Points In Designing Children Bedroom

Child’s bedroom design has a considerable influence on the psychological development of children. Because in addition to functioning as a resting place, the child spends most of his time to play and learn in this room.

Before you begin designing a child’s bedroom, there are some important things that you should consider so that the child’s bedroom can function optimally,

Decide on a theme bedroom

Encourage children to discuss in deciding the theme or character of what he wanted during the design stage of design. Application specific theme or character that is preferred by children will make them feel happy and comfortable in his bedroom.

That the design of the bedroom can be used in the long term, should be the theme applied to the decorative elements, such as bed sheets, curtains or wall art motifs on the walls. So that when the child is a teenager, you do not have to bother to renovate the bedroom, simply replace the decorative elements to his taste.

Cheer With Color

Not always bedroom boys bedroom blue or pink girls. You can be creative with color. Use pastel colors like light blue, yellow, ivory or cream to cover most of the walls.

While bright colors can be applied in one area of the wall or even appear as an accent with decorative elements and furniture. The color combination makes a child’s bedroom still feels comfortable when used for the rest, but still seem cheerful and not monotonous.

Furniture Options

Thematic forms in furniture costumized able to help stimulate the child’s imagination, as the bed in the form of a ship or the back of the chair-shaped child’s favorite cartoon characters. However, the effectiveness of its use did not last long as the child gets bored easily and tastes tend to change when she was a teenager.

When selecting furniture child, be sure of finishing material used does not contain harmful chemicals. Moreover, also avoid the pointy end portion of furniture because it would harm the child, especially at the age of five.

Maximize Area Store

A child’s room is usually filled with a lot of goods, ranging from school supplies to toys. Therefore, maximize the empty space into an area store. For example, by making the drawer under the bed or shelves on the wall.

Floor Coverings

Because children spend most of their time in the room, then choose a floor covering material that is safe and convenient to use when children move on the floor. In addition to the parquet, you can add rubber mats are easily assembled and easy to clean so that the floor does not feel cold. If you want to use a fluffy carpet, the carpet must be cleaned regularly so that children are not exposed to the dust that settles in it.

PostHeaderIcon 6 Practical Steps Bedroom Makeover

BA bedroom

Bored with the look of a bedroom that looks monotonous? Re-decorating course! No need something complicated and expensive to rearrange your bedroom. By replacing or adding some decorative elements, the bedroom can appear like new! How to? Here it is easy steps.

Change Color Dominant

Things that most affect the visual appearance of a bedroom is to change the dominant color on the wall. If you do not want too much trouble and reached substantial funds, change finishing one wall area, wall headboard (headboard) for example. Finishing materials that you can select vary, ranging from paint with colors that vary up patterned wallpaper.

Decorate With Wall Art

Do not let the walls of the rooms look plain. Decorate the walls with wall art such as paintings, a series of picture frames or posters. Do not need large and numerous, important presence is enough to attract attention. You can put wall art on the wall of the headboard or wall areas most frequently seen from any position.
Change Motif bedsheet

Replacing bedcovers and linens are also able to change the atmosphere of the room. Choose colors and patterns are interesting bedsheet. If the room is dominated by monochromatic colors such as white or gray, then select a light colored bedsheet as an accent. Note also the type of material you will use bedsheet. Bedsheet with good quality materials can support the quality of your sleep.

Add Carpets

You can add a carpet at one corner empty. Adjust the size of the carpet with the existing space. Select carpet made of thick, soft and fluffy in order to feel comfortable while relaxing on it. Motifs and colors of the carpets is also useful to give the impression of artistic space.

Put fresh flowers

There is no harm in putting a vase of fresh flowers. You can put it on the table beside the bed (side table) or on top of TV cabinets. Besides the beautiful to the eye, giving the impression of natural flower presence in the room.

Armature Lamps

Different appearance in space can also be realized by putting armature unique lamp above the side table or in the corner of the room. Adjust the lighting armature with the theme of the room. If you want to build a romantic atmosphere, you can use aromatherapy candles with unique and attractive container.