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colombusCarefully choose the air conditioner (AC) using inverter technology. AC types are classified as smart AC that can detect changes in temperature (temperature) in the room, so as to provide optimal cooling power. In contrast to conventional air conditioners which can not automatically adjust to the desired temperature. If you don’t have time to maintain your AC, then you can call Columbus heating and cooling.

Lately a lot of problems and complaints from owners of AC inverter that suddenly dead and can not be used anymore. Apparently it after checking the electrical power installed in his house only 900 watts. Though AC inverter is not recommended for homes with electrical power of 900 watts or less. AC inverter technology like what is good and saving energy should we use?

Inverter technology development than previously has been well known in the market is not without reason. Compared with other household electronic devices, air conditioner has a large electric power consumption in its use. Not to mention when referring to the duration of the operation is generally long, creating costs for consumers for household electricity consumption.

Key to the latest development of Inverter technology is the result of circuit reliability micro processor which is located right on the compressor. Utilization of this circuit allows the air conditioner Inverter technology to change the type of the incoming electric current from alternating current (Alternation Current) into direct current (Direct Current) as output. This is different from working on a scheme of conventional air conditioning device which only utilizes alternating electrical currents to cool a room.

The change of the type of electric current from AC into DC is then to produce a more stable performance of the compressor at the desired temperature level. Because the process of changing the type of electrical current that occurs in continuous compressor that makes the compressor continues to work on an ongoing basis throughout the operation of the air conditioner is. Read the rest of this entry »


Hot tropical regions and scorching make cool air into a primary requirement. An oasis in the desert, this makes the presence of AC (air conditioner) becomes an important requirement. The many types of AC current outstanding enable consumers to be more observant choose before deciding which one to buy air conditioning. Things that need to be considered in memlih AC is as follows:

 Because its main function is as a coolant, therefore AC purchased must be able to cool the room quickly. The easiest way to detect it is by looking at the cooling evaporator located on the AC side. With the size of the larger cooling evaporator, it will be faster to cool the room naturally and balanced.

Select AC with cooling capacity according to need. Avoid choosing too small air conditioning capacity or over capacity.

Viewing the fan section. The wider the fan, it will be increasingly strong wind blowing. In addition, the fan width, then the air conditioner will not cause noise noisy. With a wide evaporator, then automatically fan on external blower will be greater. This need for balance. It would be better if the fan jagged because it will create turbulence becomes noisy.

Buy an air conditioner or air conditioner equipped with a converter.

 Converter function is regulating the electrical load. This means that when the temperature in the room has reached the temperature we want, AC will reduce cooling loads itself automatically given, while in operation.

Consider the additional features that are useful for health. There is now air conditioned with features that are able to eliminate germs. Some are even capable of filtering very fine dust particles including bacteria. In addition, there is also air conditioning that offers the ability to kill bacteria and eliminate odor like the smell of cigarette smoke as well as features vitamin C filter that contains antioxidants to boost immunity so that the body becomes more healthy and fresh.
In addition to choosing who is able to cool the room air conditioner, choose also capable of providing for the health benefits.

PostHeaderIcon Tips How To Maintain Your AC

When you use a home air conditioner or air conditioner (AC), do not forget to take care of him regularly. Because AC is not treated regularly and carefully, tal only pollutes the air but also a place of disease, one of them respiratory problems.
AC were dirty as a result rarely cleaned, can hold a variety of viruses and bacteria that continuously spread throughout the room and into the sense of smell inhabitants. As a result, the occupants will experience pain or infection repeatedly.

The following treatments should you do in order to work optimally conditioned and durable:

1. Do not forget to turn off the AC
When traveling or the room is not in use, do not forget to mematika AC. Although the operation is quite easy, because it provided a remote control, but the treatment of this often overlooked.
If the air is not too hot, try to turn around one or two hours a day. If necessary use a reminder or timer contained in air conditioning facilities. When the air conditioner was turned off, open wide the windows and doors so that the air exchange.

2. Take care AC
Check the filter components (filters) in the air conditioning, a minimum of once a month. A dirty air filter will impede the air circulation and become a comfortable place for germs, bacteria and fungi.
The bacteria is what will flow to the evaporator coil (evaporator coils) and then spread back across the room. AC components are dirty can affect the performance of the cooling system becomes heavier, so it does not produce a maximum cold and wasteful.

3. Selective in use
Minimize potential health problems with selective as possible the use of air conditioning, because if in the same room there is a sick family member, viruses and bacteria can spread through the air conditioning helped.
So when a family member is sick with the flu, for example, try to use the AC to a minimum. This advice also applies if there is one family member who smoked in the room or when the middle of the room and the furniture cleaned.
4. Check the air conditioning condenser
Make sure the condenser is located outside the house clean of dust, shrubs and foliage. When you want to clean, turn off air conditioning and clean the dust by using a vacuum cleaner.Tentu course, before you do so, turn off air conditioning first. You can clean the dust from the condenser using a vacuum cleaner.

5.Lakukan routine maintenance
To be safe, take care to call a technician cleaning AC AC is believed at least six months. This treatment not only for the health of the family, but also to make sure the AC to be more longevity and cost-effective electricity monthly.

PostHeaderIcon Ceramic Bathroom Cleaners and How to Use

keramikSoaps and lime crust on a ceramic bathroom eyesore and become a nest of germs. This article discusses the cleaning materials ceramic bathroom.

Are you confused about how to clean the bathroom tiles? Or you are not sure tiled bathroom cleaning products such as what should be used? Ceramic tiles commonly used to coat surfaces in the bathroom, but unfortunately not everyone understands how to get rid of the crust soap or lime crust on a ceramic tile. If you are one of them, do not worry! Here are some strategies to clean ceramic bathrooms are effective and easy to follow.

Cleaning Ceramic Bathroom Cleaner Wearing Steamy
Steamy cleaners can be used to clean a lot of things in the house ranging from carpet to tile-and can also be raised crust. Hot steam to open pores of a surface so as to release any dirt, including the inherent strong. Things you need to do is direct the steam cleaner to the surface of the ceramic tiles on the wall or floor, then wipe feces!

For a thorough cleaning, Steam surfaces in the bathroom first. This can be done by turning on the hot water faucet or put a large bucket of hot water in the bathroom for a while before you clean. Same with the workings of cleaning steamy, hot steam will open the pores of the ceramic and makes the surface easier to clean. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Tips on How to Improve Your Air Conditioner

morehartacMany kinds of electronic devices. One that may exist in your home is air conditioning or Air Conditioner. AC has a primary function as an air conditioner. However, what if one day this electronic furniture can not provide a cool atmosphere in your room? The following will describe some tips on easy ways AC service independently. Some tips can you do if it is not possible to call a technician air conditioning and or you do not want to wait for the air-conditioning technician never arrived. If you don’t want to do it by yourself, juxt call hvac repair phoenix.

Check the cleanliness of the air conditioner

The first way AC service that can be done is to check the cleanliness of the air conditioner. Often, the owner of AC forget to perform routine maintenance so that the impact on air blockage which then lead to AC so it was not as cold as normal. If found dirty air conditioner, then immediately clean the air conditioner and avoid this problem by performing routine maintenance every 3 months.

Check the outdoor air-conditioning fan

If the air conditioner had been cleaned but still does not provide the output temperatures as cold as all, it means that the next AC service is to pay attention to the outdoor air-conditioning fan. Examination in starts by turning on the air conditioner and then see if the fan on the outdoor air conditioner to turn properly? If not, then immediately turn off the AC and open the top lid of the outdoor air conditioner. Thing to check is the cables and terminals leading to the fan. Aspects assessed were charred or slack then do repairs on the issue. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Synthetic Grass Tips for Choosing the Best Quality

65oz-Austin-Spring-artificial-grassSynthetic grass has several types and each type has their uses, as an example of synthetic turf sports (futsal), artificial turf parks, as well as synthetic grass decorations.

Depending on the type and use of the artificial turf, synthetic grass specification was also different. So it causes the price of artificial grass Chandler are highly variable from one type to another type. You must ensure that you select the synthetic grass is in accordance with its usefulness, if you do not want to be disappointed later on.

The price of synthetic turf with good quality is generally determined by per square meter and can be purchased in a variety of sizes with dimensions length x width. The price range is relatively inexpensive to expensive. It is relative because the artificial turf is still considered very new stuff. In fact, many people turn to cheaper goods, such as ceramics. However, keep in mind that ceramic and synthetic grass are two very different things and therefore the price can not be compared with each other.

To ensure that the price of artificial turf would you buy it cheap or expensive, you have to think of the specification, usability, and the use of the plan rather than the artificial turf. In essence, the quality is very determine the price. For the purchase of artificial turf, you certainly want to enjoy it for a long period, that for years, and do not want artificial turf is damaged or can not be used again in just a short period of time. Therefore, in determining the choice of artificial turf you, you are expected to consider the age factor than synthetic turf, because basically the artificial turf is intended for use long term, so that the price paid is in accordance with the age of many years of artificial turf would you buy it.

If the artificial turf you buy too cheap and there is no certainty of the existence of customer service or the liability of the seller, you will surely feel aggrieved when the artificial turf that does not last as long as you want at first. Therefore, your choice is very important in choosing synthetic turf in accordance with the quality and usefulness.


Synthetic Grass Synthetic grass Futsal is different from Parks and Decoration Read the rest of this entry »

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fireplaceThe chimney is a structure on top of your fireplace that helps vent smoke and other heating byproducts out of your house. This structure lined waste to help reduce the risk of fire. Millions of homes in America have this structure as a matter of necessity. To ensure that the chimney in your home work well, sweeping is a must. Sweeping remove soot, dirt and manure from too accumulating in your chimney. If youd rather not contact chimney sweep glendale az, you can take on this task alone as long as you do not put yourself in harms way, both physically and thoughtful.
Prepare the following. The items are available at hardware or home improvement section of Home Depot.

  • Weather-beaten thick gloves and overalls.
  • Reincarnation mask. The kind that will cover your entire face and have ventilation to nasal breathing.
  • Plastic tarpaulin to cover the floor which is located next to the chimney.
  • Thick and bushy broom with an extended handle that can reach all the way up the chimney.
  • High-powered heavy-duty vacuum filter.
  • Industrial type battery powered lights.
  • Small table.
  • Small bucket.

Tarpaulin spread on the floor of the chimney. Wider tarpaulin, the better will this task. Allows folds in tarpaulin to avoid displacing the layout when you start cleaning the chimney. Also cover the floor opposite the chimney because once you start to vacuum, soot and all sorts of matter will fly into the chimney.
Wear equipment. Do not proceed unless you have a mask reincarnation, as well as all the equipment features listed above. Read the rest of this entry »

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rumah kayu

Floor porch or patio easily become dirty and discolored due to being outdoors and exposed to direct sunlight or rain. Therefore, the terrace floor should be cleaned once or twice a year, namely at the beginning and end of the dry season.

Cleaning Supplies Home Page

  • Carbolic or specific patio cleaning. Although cleaning products designed specifically for the patio are widely available on the market, you may not need it. If your patio is made of certain rocks that require special treatment, follow the maintenance instructions or use soda crystals. Avoid the use of carbolic the rock material to prevent the risk of discoloration or damage. If your patio floor is made of wood, wood floor cleaning products select the appropriate exterior. Carbolic generally safe to use on a hard surface such as concrete, but still follow the usage instructions on the product label and wear rubber gloves.
  • Hose for rinsing before and after the patio cleaned.
  • Broom to remove dirt before the patio cleaned.
  • Stiff bristle brush to scrub the floor.
  • End high-pressure hose to remove stubborn dirt.
  • Rubber gloves and eye protection. Patio and carbolic cleaning products are corrosive and risky irritate the skin and eyes. Critical eye protection worn if you wear high-pressure hose.

How to Clean Your Home Page, Patio or Terrace
Before starting the actual work of cleaning the terrace, Pull objects on its surface, including sweeping the dry leaves and other impurities. Prepare cleaning products that you choose to follow the rules of life. The dose is generally cup of carbolic acid, cleaning, or soda crystals to be mixed with a bucket of warm water. Furthermore,

Spray floor terrace. It’s better if you wear a high-pressure hose end. This process helps simplify subsequent processes.
Rub the terrace floor wearing a stiff-bristled brush with cleaning fluid solution. Do not forget to wear rubber gloves.
Rinse floor patio once it is left for 5-10 minutes. Re-use hoses to spray evenly.
Tip: Protect plants around that are not exposed to the cleaning liquid that can kill the grass roots and plants, unless you really want to eliminate weeds in between the patio floor.

How to Clean Terrace House of Wood

Terrace floor is made of wood requires special attention because the wood more easily discolored and damaged than rock material. Wood floor cleaning products in general could be replaced with carbolic, but you need to be careful not to damage the wood floor or injure yourself. Instructions on the product label indicates the best way to use it.

Steps cleaning wooden house porch are broadly similar by cleaning the patio. In addition to,

  • Toward safety. Fix the wooden planks were separated from the supposed position and replace the wooden planks of the curve because of the heat. Wood curved or severely damaged potentially injuring the wearer.
  • Treat wooden floor terrace. Apply protective products wooden floor porch to keep it from being overly affected by weather. To determine whether you need to be oiled wood floor care products, sprinkle a little water to the surface. If the water is quickly absorbed by the wood, the necessary protective products.

PostHeaderIcon How to Cope with Clogged and Leaking pipelines

To fix the problem usually you can use tape or glue seal the pipe. How to fix plumbing leaks usually depends on the nature of the leak. Severe leaks usually require plumbers Phoenix. Whereas if you simply have a technique for repairing the leak, the repair you can do yourself. Each pipe repair work will begin by identifying the source of the problem.

Sealtape is a kind of anti-leak tape made of pure PTFE (Teflon) which has a thickness and a very strong resistance to prevent leakage, resistant to all kinds of alkalis. Sealtape very suitable for use in all kinds of metal or plastic pipe connection pipe connection on tools like oil pressure, chemical plants, gas pipes, water pipes and others.

sav on plumbing

Glue the pipe is glue or glue normally used to glue the PVC pipe and PVC fittings. Meanwhile, to make iron pipe connection usually can not use this glue. For iron pipes usually every connection has been designed using a threaded so how to cope with leaks in the iron pipe and a new connection is quite simply using seltape.
As explained above in iron pipe leaks that occur in the threaded connection can be done by using sealtape. Whereas if a leak occurs in the pipe body may be able to use iron glue. But if this does not work might be done soldering or welding permanent.

PVC pipes for leaks that occur in the use of threaded pipe connections can usually be done with the addition of replacement ataau sealtape that the connection becomes tighter. While leaks on plain connections or connections that do not use the land can be done by adding glue pipe on the leaking section. But if the leakage still occurs it should be done cutting the pipe and then made a new connection.

Have you experienced or find a clogged shower drains clogged, causing puddles in the bathroom? If so you have to solve it as soon as the drains were clogged can cause various disturbances in your home such as smell, slovenly, and germs. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon How to Create a Long Lasting Durable Paint

On this occasion, we will discuss ways to paint durable long lasting. How do you feel when after a few months to paint the walls of the house, then the peeling paint or whitewash? sure to be disappointed. Peeling paint not only caused by the poor quality of the paint, but many factors influence it. Such as renovation techniques one wall and the walls were wet because of water seepage.


Once you know the factors causing peeling paint, then how can I fix it? consider the following solutions according to Hanover Massachusetts painters :

1. Fix the roof of the house in case of a leak
The first thing that we have to do is keep the wall so that the conditions remain dry, including when going to paint. If you notice any damage on your roof make sure to reach out to DePalma Construction. Absorption becomes blocked. Therefore, make sure the wall is always in the dry state.

2. Scrape layers of old paint before new painting
It has been mentioned above, the low-quality wall paint is easy to peel. Especially when he calcifying. So make sure the old paint wasted all of the walls. You can use a putty knife to mengeroknya until clean.

3. Give primer
Base paint is paint containing acrylic 100%, you can get in a store building.
Wait for the primer to dry before mempoleskan major paint.

4. Choose a high quality paint
The characteristics of a good quality paint is adhesive and elastic, so that the paint will be durable also durable. Moreover, usually containing acrylic making it suitable for wall outside the house. Low quality paint was cheaper but less durable, instead of saving even so wasteful. At the time of painting, Apply 2 times a painting at a time. The first thin first and then wait for it to dry, then do the painting so that the paint colors both average and looks strong